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Originally from Newport Beach, California, Robert “Wingnut” Weaver rose to fame in the 80’s winning local surf contests. When longboarding expanded in popularity in the 90’s, Wingnut was one of the few surfers who was ready to take advantage of the happening. Guided by 60’s surf celebrities Bruce Brown and Robert August, Wingnut quickly became a leader in the world of modern longboard surfing.

Wingnut’s noseriding skills, among other talents landed him a starring role in the 1994 classic surf film “Endless Summer II” and he continues to amaze the surf community with his skilled longboarding techniques. Parlaying his success into a dream job most surfers can only imagine, he now divides his time between product development for a major surfboard company and leading private surfing expeditions to the beaches of Costa Rica. Wingnut spends his down time living and surfing with his family in Northern California.

Darin Shapiro
Growing up in south Florida, Darrin was into all kinds of sports, such as surfing and BMX bike riding. In 1991, at the age of 17, he started wakeboarding. In 15 years, he became known as “the most winning rider in the history of the sport", grabbing such titles as Pro Tour Champ (6 times), Masters champ (4 times), World champ (4 times), and literally dozens of other titles. Darin divides his time between Orlando, Florida where he has a wakeboard school, and Kauai, Hawaii where he spends the winter surfing.

Joel Tudor
Joel was recently recognized by Surfer magazine as “the best longboard surfer in the world today, and by most opinions one of the best that’s ever been”. Surfer has also named Joel one of the 25 most influential surfers in the world. Joel won his first professional contest when he was 15, and finished second in the World Longboard Championships in Biarritz the following year. While relentlessly competing in the 1990’s, Joel captured 5 US championship titles, and finally claimed the Longboard World Championship in the Canary Islands in 1998, and he was also crowned World Champion in 2004. Joel currently resides in Southern California.

Mike & Nick Ennen
Hailing from the Northwest, the brothers Ennen are among the world’s best wakeboarders. Mike’s large variety of tricks and unique snowboard style make him one of the finest riders in the industry to watch. When Mike jumps off the dock, riders and spectators rise together to watch his every move. The Ennen’s were raised on the West Coast, and still live there desiring to keep close to their roots and promote the sport in the right direction. Currently competing in events around the world, Mike and Nick constantly show up in almost every major wakeboard magazine and video. Mike Ennen recently placed fifth in the 2004 Summer X-Games.

Ryan Augenstein
The winner of the 2005 REACTOR Heavy Water Award, Ryan lives and surfs in Santa Cruz, CA. Before he tackled the massive waves at Mavericks (where he won the award), Ryan surfed Pleasure Point and other local spots around the California Coast. He likes big barrels, big airs and clean rail surfing, and is planning on winning Mavericks in 2006. Ryan says “when waves are flat, I am a lifegaurd and lead a junior guard program so I can surround myself with the ocean”.