Everybody Loves Fan Mail

We love to hear from our customers. Please send us your comments, experiences, suggestions, etc., by using our contact form or by sending email to cs@reactorwatch.com.

“It is nice to see a business that cares about customer service. I play in a band for a living, and I get tons of people telling me how much they love my watch.” Thanks, Pat M., Bristol, RI

“I usually don’t write letters of this kind, but the way you and your company handled the situation was very rare. I have never had a personal response from any company about a product I purchased. The design and look of the watch is what sold me, but the look and feel was hard to pass up. I have never paid more than $100 on a watch, and I will definitely recommend REACTOR watches to my friends and family.” Craig G., Houston, TX

“Thanks so much for replacing my watch, this is the best customer service I have ever received! I am the IT Director for an Internet design company, and I speak to customer service departments all day long. It is always such an incredibly painful experience as I try to explain my problem and get them to fix it – it’s as if I am pulling teeth. So when I run into an organization that treats its customers like – just that- customers, it is extremely unexpected and pleasant. Thanks again for your quick, professional and totally awesome support of my problem – guaranteed I’ll buy more watches from you in the future.” Dave G.  Los Angeles, CA

“Your watches look sick, I saw your ad in wakeboarding mag so I checked out your site. I dig all your models. You guys definitely have some style.” Mike E., Olympia, WA

“I am a business owner, and one of the things that sets me apart from my competition is my strong customer service.  It is so nice to do business with someone who shares the passion for good customer service.” Beth H., Summit, MS

“I just wanted to drop you folks a line and let you know how thrilled I am with my new watch. I bought a full size Fallout about a month ago and I couldn't be happier with it. I'm a watch freak and this is my favorite so far. The design element is fantastic. I'd love to know more about your company and if you have any plans to expand into other product lines.” Jacques, Houston, TX

“The watch arrived yesterday as you had indicated. I like it very much, it has the weight and ruggedness of my 18k Submariner which I don't wear very often because I don't like to get it scratched up. I'm sure some of my friends will be interested in the REACTOR line. I think you've got a winner!” William H., Hutchinson Island, FL

“Its great to finally deal with a company that cares about its customers!
What a change of pace!  Keep up the good work. I love your watches, cool innovative stuff and affordable!” Ralph T., Boston, MA

“Just got my reactor watch 3 weeks ago. The Ocean Blue Critical Mass is a great watch and I get many positive compliments, especially at the fire house where you really need a tough watch. Nobody ever heard of Reactor watches, so I go through the motions how this watch was almost an Omega Seamaster 007 model, and I walk into a surf shop at the Jersey shore. I see the Reactor watch, check out the web site, go back to surf shop the rest is history. I am not in the practice of e-mails like this, but I am a Reactor fan.” Chris B., Newark, NJ

“I am currently stationed in Italy onboard the USS Emory S. Land.  I saw your watches advertised and determined that I just gotta have one.  You see, I am a US Navy Nuclear Reactor Operator by trade.  I just received my Reactor Critical Mass Watch yesterday and I've got to tell you I love the watch. Looks great, good and heavy. Everything is absolutely perfect.” Terry P., USS Emory Land, Italy

“I am very pleased with the fit and finish of my Fallout and with the excellent customer service I have received. This is coming from a guy who has a Rolex Sub, Universal Geneve and a Patek Phillipe. I wish you guys great success and thanks again for the great service.” Aaron D., Norfolk, VA

“I just received my Beta watch that was purchased from Watch Addiction. All I can say is WOW! I collect watches and I have a lot of watches in the Beta price range. Nothing, and I mean nothing comes close to this watch. Feels good on the wrist and looks darn good too. You have a new best friend. I am speechless. Thanks for making such a good product!” Claude R., Mt. Morris, PA

“I purchased a Reactor Fallout watch in Hawaii while on vacation to replace my Navy Seal watch.  Have to say your watch is just great and built like a truck.  Great price too. Just as a side note, I actually went diving with this watch and it is all you advertise the watch to be. Thanks for a great watch.” John C., Newport, RI

“Received my watch yesterday. Thanks for the quick shipment. I appreciate your EXCELLENT customer service. I can tell you that I have an expensive watch from Baum-Mercier. The battery doesn't last more than a year, their customer service is terrible and they still haven't offered to fix it at no charge. I'm so happy with my purchase, especially after seeing your guarantee in action. I will recommend you to all my friends.” Matt P., Palm Beach, FL

“I just wanted you to know this is the best watch I have ever owned, you can just tell by holding it how good the quality is.” Tom S., Greensboro, NC